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Gibson Canadian Whiskey Buy

The Gibson's whisky brand was started by the Irish-born spirits merchant John Gibson at a distillery in Pennsylvania along the Monongahela River on 40 acres (16 ha) of land that he bought in 1856.[1] He produced wheat, malt, and especially rye whiskey at the distillery. Prohibition in the United States closed the distillery, and shortly afterwards the entire Gibson plant and its contents were auctioned off.

gibson canadian whiskey buy

Gibson's 12 yo has long been a staple of the Canadian whisky shelf. Gibson's brand was a western Pennsylvania distiller of rye whiskey which fled to Canada at the time of the US Prohibition in order to continue in the whisky business. Rumours abound that the 12 year old may be losing the age statement soon. Recently I did see Gibson's Finest Rare without an age statement and with a near identical label to the 12 yo in an Ontario automobile Travel Retail/Duty Free outlet. I've managed to taste 4 dozen Canadian whiskies over the past 5 years, and I've managed not to try Gibson's 12 until now 041b061a72


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