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Master Surendra

Yoga Teacher

Surendra H.G. is not only a Co-founder Shankara Ashtanga Yoga (SAY) but also an efficient and committed yoga teacher of this institute.
Surendra, a commerce graduate, started his Yogic life in 2006 as a brilliant student of SAY. He was a most punctual and sincere yoga disciple who earned the distinction of yoga training under special observation of Rajesh Ji, who was very much impressed with his ability and sincerity to perform yoga practice during his studentship.
In 2007 Surendra offered his valuable services to SAY as a yoga teacher. Rajesh Ji, being aware of his dedication, punctuality, and enthusiasm toward yoga, found in him a genuine and committed person to take responsibility in SAY, thereafter elevating him as a yoga teacher. With his 8 years of dedicated services here, Surendra has earned a good reputation as an influential yoga teacher all over the region.
Teaching in a very simple and easy way, Surendra pays individual attention to all students during his classes, making Yoga a joy to learn.

Master Surendra
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