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My Story

 Professional Journey of Nisha Iyer: A Reflection

Esteemed Community:

Allow me to share a glimpse into my professional trajectory, characterized by a commitment to nutritional excellence and educational endeavors.  I earned a Master's degree in Food, Nutrition, and Dietetics from Bombay University, laying the academic foundation for my subsequent ventures. Following my educational pursuits, I transitioned into the academic realm, contributing as a lecturer at a college in Mumbai. During this tenure, I had the privilege of instructing both undergraduates and postgraduates, fostering an environment of learning and growth.                                                                                         In the clinical sphere, I served as a dietitian at Mallaya Hospital, followed by a significant role as the Chief Dietitian at Jain Heart Center on Millers Road. Here, I headed the Dietetics Department, emphasizing heart-healthy dietary practices. A pivotal project in my career involved the development of food products utilizing micromilled full-fat soya flour. This endeavor, sponsored by Encore India Limited, Mumbai, showcased my dedication to pushing the boundaries of nutritional innovation.
My professional journey also included private consultations, where I tailored nutritional plans to individual needs, showcasing a personalized approach to wellness. Furthermore, I had the honor of disseminating knowledge through lectures, talks, and seminars at various formal gatherings, emphasizing education and awareness as keystones of my mission.
I invite you to reflect with me on this enriching journey, celebrating the fusion of academic excellence, clinical expertise, and the transformative power of mindful nutrition.

With respect,

Nisha Iyer

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