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Leonid Sukhanov
Leonid Sukhanov

The Essential Muddy Waters: The Anthology 1947-1972 (2001)Mp3[CR-Bt]

the 1959 chess box set the best of muddy waters. mmh. was lovely, if seriously undervalued at the time, and it's even less so in the current climate, which means that this is the ultimate expansion of the album. hidden treasures, in fact. easy to imagine waters as a much bigger, if less milquetoast, presence than he is--it was easy to imagine a white guy cutting one of the most iconic and influential albums of all time. b+ and a

Muddy Waters - The Anthology 1947-1972 (2001)Mp3[CR-Bt]

just a memory [charly, 1977] one of the least interesting-sounding albums of muddy's life, this is the one where waters takes over the band, making them his instruments. in fact, he leaves off many of his better songs, including the stunning when my dreamboat comes home and queen bee, and he forgets one of his best-known, blues from the bottom, which had been a hit for rose maddox. in its place is a blandly harmonized remake of the earlier song. the band is stiff without waters' pull and, though he competes well in some of his supposed filler, everything is just slow; we're watching the band play, not drinking from their cups. c

cherwell, muddy waters (1979) [virgin] waters played a very influential part in the early '70s as a means to an end for the british record business, and this single-song album shows him as a reasonably competent singer/ instrumentalist. some songs sound good, like the title track--his best instrumental in years--but the rest of this seven-minute narrative is overproduced, and one wonders whether they'd have approved if he'd put some more edginess into it. b+


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