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In 2006, Ann Northrop of Gay USA described the lyrics as "the language of thirty years ago."[6] David Nahmod, however, stated that he felt the lyrics maintain currency and say "a lot about gender identity and heterosexual elitism";[7] "The song aims to show Mr. Nelson's support for gays, particularly to conservative country-music fans",[3] and suggests that, in addition to other causes, he supports gay rights.[8]

The Dallas Cowboys played a nearly perfect game against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers on Monday; well, except for one player. Brett Maher suffered a total meltdown on a night where he missed a total of four extra points, going just 1 for 5 in the Cowboys' 31-14 win.

The Cowboys kicker struggled on extra points at times during the regular season, but it never got this bad. During the 2022 season, he hit 50 of 53 extra points, which was good for a 94.3% conversion rate that ranked 22nd for any kicker who attempted 15 or more extra points.

Although he couldn't hit from short range Monday, Maher has come up clutch multiple times over the year and he's had no problem hitting long kicks for the Cowboys. Not only did he go 9 of 11 from 50 yards or more in 2022, but he also holds the NFL record for most field goals of 60 yards or more with four. It's the short stuff that's been troublesome.

The upside for the Cowboys is that Maher was the only player who really struggled during Dallas' 31-14 win. The Cowboys destroyed the Buccaneers thanks in large part to a historically big game from Dak Prescott, who set a franchise record by totaling five touchdowns.

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The trip heightens the boys' sexual appetites. The Marine gazes down at the urchin face of the boy at his feet. "Eat it, boy," Hassan growls. "Eat that soldier's hunk of meat." In the other room Jason lies writhing on his back as the young gypsy rides him, "whooping in triumph, his arm raised like a cowboy on a bucking stallion." And the twins meet two breathtaking new boys. "It was like ...

The clothing shop Nieman Marcusis reporting a surge of interest in western styles. Willie Nelson, who sings one of the songs on the movie soundtrack, has just re-released an old number entitled "Cowboys Are Secretly, Frequently (Fond of Each Other)". At a recent fashion show Valentino sent a couple of gay cowboys down the catwalk. Two cowboy shirts that take on a special significance in the film have just been auctioned on eBay for charity.

Billy Corben clearly has a passion for Miami drug culture. In addition to his new six-part docuseries Cocaine Cowboys: The Kings Of Miami, which drops on Netflix today, he's already directed three documentaries on the subject, starting in 2006 with the feature film Cocaine Cowboys.

Their story has many twists, making for a wild ride of a series, especially in the first handful of episodes. Add to that Corben's evidently significant music budget; the natural charisma of the two central "antiheroes"; and the fact that dozens of other central figures in the story participated, and Cocaine Cowboys is a pretty impressive piece of work. (And the story really just won't quit: one of the key lieutenants in Falcon and Magluta's operation got arrested after his interview with the filmmaker for selling coke to an undercover DEA agent. The mother of that guy's child? She was on The Real Housewives of Miami. And she's not the only link to that show in the case.)

Truth be told, there are any number of diversions one could take in telling this story, making the fact that Corben gets his arms around the squirming whole of it all a feat. Cocaine Cowboys is a diverting series, one that I think aimed to make the case(s) and context of Falcon and Magluta do for Miami what Ezra Edelman et al. did for Los Angeles in OJ: Made In America. While it occasionally falls prey to more meandering tendencies, it's a great effort and one that's well worth watching.

An actress and fashion model, Wilde has appeared in the dramas The O.C. and House M.D. as well as in films Tron: Legacy and Cowboys & Angels. She is also a board member of "Artists for Peace and Justice," the ACLU of Southern California and has been a supporter of the "Youth Voter Organization."

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